Another Day 
On my tongue 
Seems to move 
Seems to make it's way outside 
But it clumps 
Together you 
And me can store and puke up time
When alone 
When at once 
All the days clog up my throat 
Fill my mouth 
As a whole 
Tasting a dial and a bitterness 

Another day  
Waking up 
Seems to long 
Seems to stutter and drag on 
Aiming water on a plant 
Wondering why it takes an hour to come out again

Falling back into the sheets 
Eyes wide open 
Try to sleep 
And again a day 
Won't come out of me 

But very Soon  
So very Soon  
But very Soon  
So very Soon  

A trickle seeps 
Under my face 
It builds a pond 
And forms a day lake in my place 
Sitting down onto the bank 
Wish that I could jump in 

That my mind goes blank
Caught by current in the Sea 
A tidal wave carrying me 
Underneath the weed 
Blooms out of my reach 

And very Soon  
Without you  
Some thing will bloom  
Some thing will bloom  

Leaning back in the tide 
It feels peaceful and strong 
And myself and the time 
Are entirely one 
A reflection to loose 
But floatation to find 
I get all to myself 
When I'm out of my mind 

Sea weed glows in the dark 
Blooming without you 

Text: Ludwig Michael, Justus Borschke 
Musik: Steaming Animals, Luca Montellie