When I wake up early in the morning  
I just wanna go back to the place  
Where my lungs are filled with love and coulors 
Means that I just wanna smoke my haze  
And you can't deny the truth baby  
I felt better without you baby  
But when I wake up early in the morning  
I don't need no coffee to awake  

Ah get up  
Lights on!  
Get up and huh!  
A ringing is waking me up and I'm rushing to get in my shoes 
Run down the stairs to the ground floor and  
Pushing the door I upset a man  
Jump on the pavement  
Building up pace and  
Asking myself where the ringing could get me then 

Aaahh Stop, just wait a little  
Standing on the street I look above the city  
Gazing up straight to the mars and  
It is more red than it was 
Then going on searching I'm finally getting up to the place 
Ringing a stranger is opening the door and it hits my face 
Wow, get out the way, get out the way, get out the way, wow, 
I need to go to the place  
Go to the place where the ringing is played! 

Text: Justus Borschke, Ludwig Michael  
Music: Steaming Animals